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Drilling Supervision :

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Oil & Gas Rig Drilling Supervision :

A drilling rig is the equipment used to drill a wellbore. Major components of the drilling rig include the mud tanks and pumps, the derrick, the draw works, the rotary table, the drill string, the power generation equipment and auxiliary equipment.

Functions of a Drilling Supervisor :

Plans, coordinates and directs the activities of the Wells Operations Section at the rig site. Includes the provision of direction and guidance to Rig operations, logistics, junior staff wells Engineer and drilling supervisors and coordinates all activities between Wells Operations and the support groups. Has direct functional responsibility for the start-up and safe procedures of the rig operations

  • Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of workers who drill for oil and gas, operate service rigs or provide oil and gas well services

  • Establish methods to meet work schedules and co-ordinate work activities with other departments

  • Requisition and procure materials and supplies

  • Resolve work problems and recommend measures to improve productivity and safety

  • Train workers in job duties, safety procedures and company policies

  • Recommend personnel actions such as hirings and promotions

  • Prepare production and other reports

  • May set up machines and equipment.

Typical drilling process has the following stages:

              1. Preparing a drilling site involves ensuring that it can be properly accessed and the area where the rig and other equipment will be placed is properly graded. 

               2. Vertical Drilling. 

               3. Well Completion. 

               4. Production

               5. Well Abandonment.

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